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Thassos is a green island. In fact, there are not so many islands in the Aegean that can claim this title. And not without good reason. Undoubtedly, it’s the most dominant color on the island. First of all, it’s the dense, lush forests that dress the steep cliffs that end in the sea. In fact pine trees, olive trees, and plane trees are a few of the many native green trees that grow in abundance on the island. Secondly, but more importantly, it’s the color of the sea; deep blue, green-blue, turquoise, or even Caribbean-green, it’s the color that characterizes all the beautiful Aegean islands such as Thassos, Milos, Crete, and Halkidiki.

In fact, Thassos is the perfect place to experience a unique Wedding in Greece. With plenty to choose from, Amazing Beaches, Luxury Hotels, Delicious Food, Unique Entertainment, Magnificent Sights, and Traditional Chapels, there is definitely something that makes this island special. Moreover, if you start to think about transportation, Thassos is the closest island to the Balkan peninsula. Therefore, ease of access to the mainland such as Turkey, Bulgaria, and Romania is a given. The above are just some of the reasons why your Thassos Wedding will be an unforgettable experience.



The Turquoise Island of North Aegean


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crystal clear turqoise water


The best beaches for your wedding in Greece.

Thassos is famed for the crystalline and clean water, watersports, and beach bars.
In fact, this large island has undoubtedly the best beaches in North Aegean.
Moreover, many of those beaches are suitable to accommodate your wedding in Thassos.
Therefore, it is easy to find a perfect beach for your Thassos Wedding.

Honestly, Marble Beach, Paradise Beach, Golden Beach, and Aliki Beach, are just some of the Best Beaches on the island.

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Accomodation for your wedding in Thassos

Luxury Hotels

“A comfortable master place for you and your guests”

Admittedly, a couple deserves a comfortable and at the same time accessible place for a good and memorable time.
Especially if you’re looking for a luxury hotel with a pool, spa, you are in the right place.
In fact there are plenty of hotels on the island that can be perfect for a couple to stay; such as Thassos Grand Resort, A for Art, and Royal Paradise Beach Resort & Spa.
Finally, you can relax and enjoy the good life.

Accomodation from 40 € per person

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Thassos Wedding Dinner Menus

Wedding Dinner

Where Mediterranean traditional meats modern and elegant.

Admittedly, there is nothing as important as the cuisine of a destination.
For this purpose there are many great places to enjoy tasty food on the island.
Moreover, your guests would be exalted to taste the perfect food the chef of your wedding dinner will prepare for them.
In fact Greece, and more specifically Thassos, are known for their great-tasting, healthy food.
You can easily find some of the best tasting taverns (traditional restaurants) in Limenaria, Theologos, Skala Potamias, and Limenas.
There, you can try the Mediterranean cuisine and generally the local food products before commanding them for your wedding dinner.
On the other hand, almost all restaurants and venues nowadays offer more modern interpretations of traditional Greek and Mediterranean plates.
Yet as they are more refined, these are also sure to please and impress your guests.
In the end, modern or traditional menu, the choice is up to you.

Wedding Dinner from 30 € per person

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traditional Greek music, dancers and more


Every wedding deserves quality entertainment

Every wedding deserves quality entertainment.
It means that you’re gonna have a great time!

As a result, a good place with great Greek music, dance, and food, is Taverna Avgoustos at Theologos.
The staff is willing to serve you entertainment with their own way to have an unforgettable evening, for you and for your guests.

Yet, if you want to escape from the usual feasts, you can try watersports or enjoy local feasts.
On the last day of July, the island has a custom which is called ” Fire’s jump”.
Seems like it’s a welcome party for the next season.

attractions and history


“Some of the most popular sights on Thassos”

Every island has attractions, but its own history.
Therefore, one of the most popular sights on Thassos, are Metalia beach, which is used to be a workshop for minerals reserves.
It is located in Limenaria.
Moreover, the village’s most popular attraction is Palataki.
The story goes that it used to be German headquarters to manage the findings of the minerals resources.

In addition, you can also visit Waterfalls of Potamia, Costis Pottery, Archaeological Site of Aliki and Tarsanas.

Picturesque Chapels for your Thassos Wedding


“Some of them are even too small to accommodate even the smallest Wedding”

But after all, what is the most relevant to a Wedding than churches and chapels themselves?
In fact, some of them are even too small to accommodate even the smallest Wedding.
As a result, the wedding takes place just outside under the bright Greek sun
Such is the chapel of the Apostles in Limenas.
Actually, it is built on top of a Paleochristian church that existed in the same location.
See a collection of our favorite Churches for your Orthodox Wedding in Thassos.

Orthodox Wedding in Thassos from 400 €

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