Hi there, friend! So you dream of a

Halkidiki wedding on the beach

Which is Unique


✔ And Intimate

A wedding that feels really “You”.
Basically, you want to have a good time with the people you love.

But you are not from Halkidiki, so how can you do it? How can you



Everybody deserves the wedding of their dreams. But planning a wedding alone in a foreign county is a hell of a stress.

A special and intimate


None should have to experience the difficulty of planning a unique wedding alone. Just because your wedding is different doesn’t mean you have to go through all of this stress alone.

Let us help you plan, make, and capture the wedding you dream of.


Hello! We’re the Dreammakers. We’re a team of professional wedding designers, planners, and photographers, passionate about helping you realise your dream beach Halkidiki Wedding.

150+ Beach Weddings Planned, Made, and Captured

✔ 10+ Locations and Islands in Greece including Thassos, our home island

✔Alex has been a photographer for Monica Belluci and the Prince of Monaco.

Alex Katsamakis
Designer / Photographer

Videographer / Editor

Videographer / Photographer
Your opinion really matters

Here's how it feels to dream your wedding with us

Five star rated 20+ Reviews

Laura & Robert
"I was crying while looking at it"
I have just seen the video, very well done, it's perfect... I was crying while looking at it, you were right when you said I will be happy. I'm so proud of it, can't wait for our friends to see it tomorrow. Thanks a lot.

Laura & Robert
London, UK
Silvia & Alexandru
"Thank you for your friendship"

Thank you for your involvement and professionalism on the most special day of our life❤❤❤🤗🤗🤗🤗 And Thank you for your friendship 🤗🥰 The best team !!

Silvia & Alexandru
Timisoara, Romania
Alina & Victor
"These are the best pictures seen by me from a wedding"

Good morning Alex! Wow, I have enjoyed the pictures this morning at the office and I want to tell you, these are the best pictures seen by me from a wedding, and this was the best event that we and all of our guests participated in... And all this thanks to you - because without you and your team, this event couldn't have happened... The beach was awesome, the reception killed us with the food (super great food) and you and your team with your super cool vibe... Keep doing this! 👌🤗🤗

Alina & Victor
Timisoara, Romania

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How to plan your wedding on Halkidiki?

Follow our Simple 3-Step-Plan to your unforgettable Halkidiki Wedding on the Beach.

Step no.1

Decide the Beach & Venue

Look through some of the venues we have worked with that may host your Halkidiki Wedding on the Beach. It is also possible to propose something different. You can have a wedding on a wild beach instead. Or a traditional wedding in a Greek church.

Step no.2

Send us your detailed request

After you have decided on a beach and venue on Halkidiki that speaks to you the most,  send us a detailed request by filling out our contact form. You’re going to receive more details, including a personalised offer for your wedding on Halkidiki. 

Step no.3

Start planning your wedding

After we signed the agreement we’re ready to start planning your wedding day. Receive more information, and plan your wedding in small steps.

Send Us Your Request

Start Planning

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What is a Beach wedding?
➽ Beach Wedding on Halkidiki

Beach Wedding

/biːtʃ ˈwed.ɪŋ/ Noun


/biːtʃ ˈwed.ɪŋ/ Name

Because in the end, we strongly believe that

Your Halkidiki wedding should be how you want and dream it to be.

Your wedding day is first and foremost about the two of you! Not an obligation for other people.

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime milestone for your relationship. How you live this day really matters!

You want to share this with the closest of your people, loving, deep relationships. Not a show-off for distant relatives you last met 15 years ago.

Thassos Marble Beach Wedding Photo Shoot

Thassos Wedding Photographer

That’s why you choose to make

Your Halkidiki Wedding on the Beach

Because you are in love.
And you really care about your wedding day.
That’s why you didn’t decide to settle only for the “traditional” way.
To experience the most special day of your life as you want it, without any compromises.
And then share it with the people that really matter to you.

》Sounds like you?

If so, that’s great! You’re in the right place, friend. We’re here to help you realize your dreams. And then capture the best possible photos and videos. So you can show everyone back home what an amazing, unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience in Halkidiki you had this summer.

Ready to start Dreaming?

Good. We are too.

Let’s start dreaming, together.