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Billy Tziatas

I’m Billy.

And except riding around on my motorcycle…
I also capture human stories with my camera!

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About Me

It’s not only about the wedding – it’s about you and your story!

Weddings are just a great occasion for that, with all the little moments happening that I can capture and tell your story with.

✔ I have plenty of experience shooting fashion, portraits, and weddings.

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Portrait, Fashion & Wedding Photography

Check out some of my favourite latest photos.

Model Photoshoot from Billy Tziatas

“ Billy is a smiling person, who from the first moment tries and succeeds to put you at ease. I always felt comfortable and relaxed when we had our wedding photoshoot. But what’s best, the photos turned out to be amazing! He knows how to use his imagination to create something beautiful and long-lasting… ”

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My interest in photography started at age 17 when I started experimenting with my father’s old camera, quickly I realized that this should be more than a hobby.

Since 2016 photography has been my main professional focus shooting mainly fashion, portraits, and weddings.

People and their stories are my thing!

About Billy Tziatas

At a Glance

I’m a doer, doing everything from diving to parachuting.

And a maker, making everything from wood & metalwork to leather craft!

Most of my weddings are shot on the beautiful island of Thassos, Greece close to the sea and nature.






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Some of My Highlights

Travelling with a motorcycle to North Macedonia, para-shooting from a military plane at a few thousand feet and joining the Dreammakers, those are some of my highlights of the last few years.

What are your highlights?

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