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Santorini Wedding Photo Shoot
Hello friend. Let me start by telling you that

you deserve the photos of your dreams

It’s a fact; there are many inexperienced photographers who provide mediocre, uninteresting photos, of even the most extraordinary wedding – in fact, they don’t even know what makes a photo great.

That’s why a lot of couples learn by bitter experience that companies or resorts that offer all-inclusive destination wedding packages usually cooperate with mediocre photographers in order to save from the money you give them.

But let me ask you this: Why settle for uninspired, average-looking-but-still-expensive wedding photography packages?

When you can opt instead for:

A wedding photographer who

✔ Understands the uniqueness of you and your beach wedding

✔ Cares to excite you and deliver something that you can be proud of for life

✔ Dares to dream with you to create the wedding photos you deserve

Wedding photos that really feel “You”.



Hello! We’re Alex, Billy, and Tomasz, and we’ll be happy to capture your wedding.

Alex Katsamakis
Designer / Photographer

Tomasz Popiel

Billy Tziatas
We have a secret formula for how to take

Great beach wedding photos

Through the years of our experience, we have discovered a simple fact;
It doesn’t really matter how you look, or how experienced you are in posing in front of the camera.

Because in the end, it’s not about posing.

It’s all about being original and authentic.

And that is our simple secret.

The beauty of our photos

The beauty of our photos?
It’s the way you feel when we take them.

the most important is

what the photos don't show

1) Our dedication – the time and effort we put into each and every one of our couples’ experience.

2) Organization & planning – the hours spent on location scouting and building relationships with the vendors who play a part in your wedding day.

3) The deep relationship and honest connection we’ll build between us, as we guide you create your dream wedding day.

4) We’ll be next to you helping you relax and remember to be fully present in every moment of your dream wedding.

How does it look like to have us as your

wedding photographers

100+ couples have chosen us to capture their Dream Wedding in Greece.


  • We chose you for the work I saw you do, an extraordinary work. (after seeing their pictures) WOW!!! Thank you, Alex! We like them very much!!! Thank you for the beautiful work you have done!
    Cristina & Ciprian
    Cristina & Ciprian
  • Excellent work and very beautiful results. We had a great time during our photo session. I wish we do it again.
    Ariadni & George
    Ariadni & George
  • Hi, thank you very much.
    I saw it yesterday.
    We like it!
    Silvia & Alexandru
    Silvia & Alexandru
  • "These are the best pictures seen by me from a wedding"

    Good morning Alex! Wow, I have enjoyed the pictures this morning at the office and I want to tell you, these are the best pictures seen by me from a wedding, and this was the best event that we and all of our guests participated in... And all this thanks to you - because without you and your team, this event couldn't have happened... The beach was awesome, the reception killed us with the food (super great food) and you and your team with your super cool vibe... Keep doing this! 👌🤗🤗
    Alina & Victor
    Alina & Victor

Ready to embark on your Dream?

Let us help you create a stress-free, intimate, meaningful wedding day experience, while we document the whole story of your day.

Let’s talk about how your day can look like!


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