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My name is Tomasz Popiel, and I am a photographer for the Dreammakers.

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About Me

I am passionately interested in photography. I have an irresistible curiosity about the world – about places and people.

I capture moments, emotions, and events I would like to keep.

As a photographer, I always seek an interesting perspective point of view.

✔  In my wedding photos, I try to capture the specific character and the mood of this sublime event.

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Wedding Photography

Being a member of the team of the Dreammekers gives me the possibility of making wedding reports and participate in sessions in which I have the opportunity to capture moments that are unique for each couple; Unconcealed emotions, sincere and touching feelings associated with them.

Portrait Photography

These are three of my favorite portrait captures.
My wife, Katerina, and our cat, Gustavo.

Katerzina Popiel

Katerzina Popiel

It does not matter what you are looking at, but it really matters what you can see ”

Tomasz Popiel


An Interesting Perspective

I am one of the basic photographers of The Dreammakers.

Starting as an amateur photographer, I have had the opportunity to release my interests many times by taking pictures at every opportunity.

The development of this passion was also fostered by my professional activity, in which I used a camera on a daily basis to document and present the acquired real estate offers.

About Me

At a Glance

I am sensitive to the beauty of the surrounding nature.

I have an irresistible curiosity about the world of places and people.

I love to hike and ride my motorbike.

I have an M.Sc. in Economics & Management from the University of Opole.






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tomasz popiel with his motorcycle

The Best Decision of My Life

Pursuing photography professionally, and moving to Thassos island with my wife, the place where we always dreamed of living, were two of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

I want to help you realize Your dreams.

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