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Thassos Golden Beach Wedding

” A wedding on the most golden of Thassos beaches “

Thassos Golden Beach Wedding | Golden Beach is perhaps one of the most beautiful beaches in Thassos. Mainly, it is a long, sandy beach, like the ones that we sometimes see in American films. Moreover, Golden Beach is surrounded by tall, green mountains with lush vegetation. Consequently, what a more idyllic setting for this wedding on the beach?

Moreover, this series of images highlights the main part of wedding photography. In fact, a wedding photo session lasts anything between forty minutes, to one and a half-hour. First of all, its purpose is to portray the couple in their wedding clothing on that special day. In this case, the location of the photoshoot is exactly the same as the wedding venue – Thassos Golden Beach. Our photo session ended when both the couple & our photo and video team were satisfied with the result.

And what a beautiful wedding it was! The photos speak for themselves. This was one of the most beautiful photo sessions we did through 2019. And not without good reason. The couple themselves was exalted by their wedding photos. Needless to say, it’s very important to hire a good Thassos wedding photographer and videographer team. While Golden Beach is indeed a nice place for a wedding, our photos managed to exalt this dreamy location and make it into a real dream wedding destination.

First Look Before the Wedding

The first look is a series of photos taken with the couple before the wedding.
Actually ut allows the couple to familiarise themselves with the photographer and the videographer on the big day of the wedding.
This particular Photo Shoot took place at the beautiful, lush, green garden of Princess  Golden Beach Hotel, where the couple resides.
What a more magnificent setting than these glorious olive trees?

Wedding photo shoot in Princess Golden Beach Hotel
Wedding photo shoot in Princess Golden Beach Hotel

Thassos Golden Beach Wedding

Then the wedding took place on the beach just in from the hotel.
It was not a particularly elaborate wedding considering the simple decoration.
However, what it lacks in the richness of decoration, it gains in the beauty of the location.

Thassos Golden Beach Wedding on the beach wedding table and decor
Thassos Golden kiss Beach Wedding on the beach wedding table and decor
Thassos Golden Beach Wedding on the beach wedding table and decor
ring details
Wedding on the beach wedding flowers the Dreammakers

Suzana & Karol

Suzana and Karol are a very beautiful, polite, and generous couple. They were totally relaxed from the first moment we set them on our lenses. Perhaps it is for that that their wedding photo session turned out to be so beautiful. Not only did we both enjoyed it so much, but the result also turned out to be fantastic. Suzana is a natural beauty, with the face of an angel, and Karol as well. We all but enjoyed this beautiful long and romantic stroll on Golden Beach. In fact, they were totally fun to work with, as they keep making these jokes to each other, which made our mood fantastic.

Thassos Golden Beach Wedding on the beach wedding table and decor
Thassos Golden Beach Wedding on the beach wedding table and decor
Thassos Golden Beach Wedding on the beach wedding table and decor

We took a stroll on the long beach together, to see what the natural setting had there to give us.
Turns out it was full of interesting settings.
The couple seemed so fun to engage in all the settings and different scenarios.
This is what made this photoshoot so fun for us, and the couple as well.
All this playfulness and romanticism is caught in the feeling of this photoshoot.

Thassos Wedding Photographer

“Hello miss.”
“Oh, I am just taking my shower here.”
“What about a real cold shower?”
“Don’t you dare!” 🙂

What about you?
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