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Your Wedding Video | Wedding Videography, more than any other media, tells the story of your wedding.  Probably, you have spent many nights staying awake, dreaming about the moment of your wedding. Therefore, why not let us capture the feelings, the sentiments, and the beauty that all of our hard work has created for your wedding day?

Your Love Story | Your love story is a short movie film that is meant to depict the specialness of your relationship. Therefore, it includes the best moments of your wedding day. In fact, we make it with care and love and we use our imagination… Finally, we edit the video and mix it with your special music song. Let us create a Dream Wedding Video that will keep the magic of your love alive for many years to come!

Romantic Beach Wedding Just For Two

Actually, this video defines everything we love about beach weddings;
Privacy, intimacy, simplicity.
This couple has asked us to have a greek song for their wedding video.
Enjoy the beauty that this, elegant young couple shares, moments after getting married on the beach.
We shot this in Thassos, Greece in September 2020.


Halkidiki Wedding Video

Feel the real soul of a summer beach wedding in Greece in this spectacular highlights from an Orthodox Beach Wedding in Posidi, Halkidiki.
Other than the long Posidi beach that dominates the backround, and the thick pinetree forest beneath, all is captured by summer light aerial shots from our DJI Drone.
Shot in Halkidiki, Greece – August 2017.


Romantic Beach Wedding in Thassos

This video film has everything that we expected from a beach wedding:
long walks on a sandy beach as the sun goes down on the horizon, passionate kisses under beautifully decorated beach decorations, happiness, emotion, and elegance…
What more can one expect?
We shot this romantic beach wedding in Thassos, Greece – September 2019.


Spectacular Wedding in Thassos

Smaranda & Marius getting married in a spectacular three and a half minutes Video that contains sparklers, balloons, sampagne, an Orthodox ceremony, and many marry memories from Marble Beach, Porto Vathy.
Shot and produced in Thassos, Greece – August 2019.


The Dreamcatcher

The Dreamcatcher is an eight minutes long short-movie shot to celebrate the love story of a beautiful, sensitive couple in Thassos, Greece.
Shots include scenes from Paradise Beach, a long, virgin, sandy beach, and Karnagio seaside beach bar.
Shot and produced in Thassos, Greece – May 2019.


Are you still unsure you need a wedding videography team to capture your wedding?
Still wondering why videography even matters? 
Then maybe you should ask one of the many couples we have convinced to include video in their wedding package how they felt about their decision.
Was it was worth the extra cost and hustle?
You will most definatelly 99 times out of 100 will get a positive answer.
Besides, wedding videography, when combined with wedding photography, is not that expensive afterall.

  • Alexander good evening! I just saw the video clip, you made my day! I couldn't help but get so touched. Thank you, guys!!! Amazing work ❤️❤️❤️
    Stefania & Vangelis
    Stefania & Vangelis
  • The video was very nice and emotional ❤️
    Thank you, Alexandros!
    Alina & Bogdan
    Alina & Bogdan
  • Just saw the video!!! Thanks for the video to you and your team. We really love it.
    Kamen & Karna
    Kamen & Karna
  • Hello, the video is amazing! We love it so much! We want all the video that you have from the beach, especially the one you filmed with the drone 😀
    Smaranda & Marius
    Smaranda & Marius
  • "I was crying while looking at it"

    I have just seen the video, very well done, it's perfect... I was crying while looking at it, you were right when you said I will be happy. I'm so proud of it, can't wait for our friends to see it tomorrow. Thanks a lot.
    Laura & Robert
    Laura & Robert
  • Wow! You make me cry! It is so beautiful...! Thank you very much.
    Silvia & Alexandru
    Silvia & Alexandru
  • Good morning! We have received the video. It's perfect!!! 🙂 We thank you very much! <3 <3 <3
    Zoe Tsiatsiana
    Zoe Tsiatsiana

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