Marble Beach / Porto Vathy / Thassos

Thassos Photo Tour in Honeymoon

” Romantic honeymoon photo tour in Thassos before the sunset. “

Marble Beach Honeymoon Photo Tour | One day you find yourself on this majestic island, and you wonder; “How can I keep the magic of this dream forever”?

Marble Beach Honeymoon Photo Tour | A pre-wedding photo session usually lasts around an hour and a half. A pre-wedding photo tour, however,  lasts much longer than that.

Basically, most couples intent to use the photos of a pre-wedding photo shoot in their wishbook for their wedding day. Moreover, it is a good way to make their engagement official.

Having seen the crystal clear waters, the view from above and standing there when you and you were there, we had the same question.

It actually consists of many little photo shoots in various locations (spots). Your wedding photographer and you go on a tour with your imagination as a guide. While you follow your photographer’s directions, you also discover hidden gems of the island.

The photo session ends when the photographer and you are satisfied with the resulting pictures and experience.

We walked around, we climb up to have a better view, we stand there before the photoshoot for hours and we found the perfect spots. And we want to show it to you. And in the meantime, take amazing photos.

A talented wedding photographer can integrate quality and character. Your wedding photos will be a product of the artistic inspiration of your photographer and the unique relationship between you as a couple.

Since they capture your special personality and sentiment, they are unique works of art. Another positive gain is that you familiarize yourself with a wedding photo shoot. You also get to know yourself and your photographer better.

Photo Tour in Marble beach, Thassos

This particular Photo Shoot took place in the Amazin Marble beach located in Thassos, Greece.
In fact, Marble Beach a is just one of the many amazing beaches in Thassos for a Wedding, Pre Wedding Photo Shoot or a Photo Tour.


Olcay & Mariam

Olcay & Mariam are a young couple from Turkey. Immediately after their traditional wedding they left for their honeymoon in Thassos. Here in Marble Beach, Thassos they had their Honeymoon Photoshoot.


We made a slow stroll around the beach.
In the meantime, we carefully picked some spots we both liked and were attracted to take some photos.

We saw every spot in the beach and from any point of view, the weather was perfect and the sun was in the right spot and angle. We finally decided the places and we started the Photo Tour


"The sun was in the right place for perfect photography"

Are you thinking about having a Wedding, a Pre Wedding Photoshoot or a Photo Tour in Thassos?
Then don’t miss this chance to capture your special moment, while you make beautiful photos and memories of this amazing place!

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