About us

We are the Dreammakers

We are The Dreammakers. A team of photographers and videographers, photo and video editors, make-up artists and wedding planners, decorators and drone pilots.

We believe that the most important aspect of life is human relationships.

Our mission is to make the most special day of your life like a dream that will last forever.

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A team to dream your wedding with

We are the Dreammakers.
Young people, with fresh ideas, passionate about what we do.
We have different backgrounds and diverse personalities, just like you.
This is why we love to meet new people and travel to amazing places! Especially near the sea.
We like stunning beaches and unique places.
Some of us prefer the beauty of mountains.
Whatever the case, the option is limitless.
Thus, it all comes down to how do you Dream Your Wedding.
We would really love to know you and work with you.