Hello friend. So you want to have

your dream wedding in Greece

Which is Meaningful


✔ And Intimate

A wedding that feels really „You“.

And you need someone to help you

Plan it, Make it & Capture it

Without worrying about papers

And still feel



Our Dream is to make your Dream Wedding in Greece come true.

We are the Dreammakers;
A team of photographers, wedding planners, videographers, designers, decorators, drone pilots, and much more.
Basically, we do everything we should, to make your Dream Beach Wedding Elopement in Greece come true.


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What is a beach wedding?
Elope Meaning

Beach Wedding

/biːtʃ ˈwed.ɪŋ/ Noun


/iˈloʊp.mənt/ Noun

Elopement is the new way to call a wedding – when it is intimate, special to you, and has you as a focus. You exchange vows to each other, express your love to one another, and legitimize your commitment.

Because in the end, we strongly believe that

Your wedding should be how you want and dream it to be.

You know that you deserve to live the wedding day of your dreams.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life – it only happens once and lasts for a lifetime.

It’s a day made for you to feel free and loved. To show the people you love your beautiful self, and let your personality shine.

Thassos Wedding Photographer

That's why you choose to

Make your Dream Wedding in Greece

Because you are a Dreamer.
And you really care about your wedding day.
That’s why you didn’t decide to settle only for the „normal“ way.
To experience the most special day of your life as you want it, without any compromises.
And then share it with the people that really matter to you.

》Sounds like you?

If so, that’s great! You’re in the right place, friend. We’re here to help you realize your dreams. And then capture the best possible photos and videos. So you can show everyone back home what an amazing, unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience in Greece you had this summer.

Ready to start Dreaming?

Good. We are too.

Let’s start dreaming, together.


Dream Wedding in Greece

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