Wedding Proposal in Crete

wedding proposal in Thassos Greece
Hi there, friend! So you dream of a

Wedding Proposal in Crete

Which is Romantic


✔ And Memorable

A wedding proposal that feels really “You”.
Basically, you want to propose to your girlfriend while you’re having your holidays in Crete.

But, let me guess – you have never done it before, and you’re thinking how to


wedding proposal in Crete Balos Greece photo shoot
wedding proposal in Crete Balos Greece photo shoot


Your girlfriend deserves the wedding proposal of her dreams.
But you haven’t got a clue how and where to propose.

wedding proposal in Crete Balos Greece photo shoot
Good news my friend. Because we can help you


No guy should have to experience the difficulty of planning a unique wedding proposal alone. But rest assured, with our help you can make your dream come true.

Let us help you plan, make, and capture the wedding proposal you dream of.


Hello! We’re the Dreammakers. We’re a team of professional wedding photographers and planners, specializing in realizing the most amazing destination wedding experiences in Greece.

150+ Beach Weddings Planned, Made, and Captured

✔ 10+ Locations and Islands in Greece including Crete

✔ 7+ years experience in Wedding photography and Wedding Proposals

Alex Katsamakis
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Videographer / Photographer
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Cristina & Ciprian
"Thank you for the beautiful work you have done"

We chose you for the work I saw you do, an extraordinary work. (after seeing their pictures) WOW!!! Thank you, Alex! We like them very much!!! Thank you for the beautiful work you have done!

Cristina & Ciprian
Ariadni & George
"Excellent work and beautiful results"

Excellent work and very beautiful results. We had a great time during our photo session. I wish we do it again.

Ariadni & George
Rethymno, Greece
Silvia & Alexandru
"Thank you for your friendship"

Thank you for your involvement and professionalism on the most special day of our life❤❤❤🤗🤗🤗🤗 And Thank you for your friendship 🤗🥰 The best team !!

Silvia & Alexandru
Timisoara, Romania

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How to plan your wedding proposal in Crete?

Follow our Simple 3-Step-Plan to your unforgettable Crete Wedding Proposal

Step no.1

Send us your detailed request

Include details such as where you will be staying, the duration of your stay, and if you already have some ideas about where and how you would like to propose. Send us a detailed request by filling out our contact form. You’re going to receive more details, including a personalised offer for your wedding proposal and a photoshoot in Crete. 

Step no.2

Let’s work on your plan together

After you decide to work with us, let’s start planning your dream day. If you already have a plan, that’s great! We’ll help you implement it. If not, don’t worry! We’re here to help. You’re going to receive information and details about possible wedding proposal locations and wedding proposal ideas.

Step no.3

Propose to your girlfriend

After all our plan is prepared, there is one last thing to do. Come to Greece, and propose!

Send Us Your Request

Start Planning

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How to propose?

Few simple ideas how to propose

Arrange a Photoshoot

After all, what you’re planning for is to have a few memorable photos. So why not combine it with a short one-hour photo shoot that will give you the photos you will be reminded of your beautiful day? Let’s work together on the perfect place and time for you to do that.

Arrange a suprise proposal

Another way to go about it is to go completely on your own as you would normally do. Only thing is to let us know the time and the place, and we will be there to snap the photo at the right time. This way you will have maximum surprise effect. And why not continue with a photo shoot afterward? You may also decide to leave your proposal photos for a second surprise to her.

Because in the end, we strongly believe that

Your wedding proposal in Crete should be how you want and dream it to be.

Your wedding proposal day is first and foremost about the two of you! Not an obligation for other people.

Your wedding proposal is a once-in-a-lifetime milestone for your relationship. How you live this day really matters!

You want to share this with the world and with those who know you.

wedding proposal in Thassos Greece


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